Man himself in the raw beautiful element.

Sutherland in the far North of Scotland might be one of the last truely wild pieces of nature left in Europe. Scarcely populated and remote it offers limitless and unique opportunities to experience wildlife up close.

The vast land gives you a chance to be on your own. Feel the freedom in your bones and the wind in your face. Hiking til rolling hills from early morning with a carefully packed back-pack lightens your spirit for every step you take.

In 2016 Foulain with its more than 6.600 acres of moor, loch and river was bought by WildLand Ltd with the idea of  conserve the land and re-fresh the properties in order for the public to get a classic but high qualittative Highland experience.






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Foulain Cottage,

Loch Eriboll,

by Lairg,


IV27 4UL.

The "less is more" principle applies in the sense that what is in the house is exactly what is needed and in good quality.

From the cosy sofas from the company Another Country, the wooden oak dining table and suiting chair to the duvets and handmade textiles.

The colors inside matches the nature outside in shades of blue and soft grey.

On the outside terrasse you can enjoy a BBQ recapturing the events of the day with a tasty drink and a natural appetite.

A happy and comfortable feeling.

Good to know upon your stay in the Foulain Cottage.

Foulain Cottage is let on a self catered basis at 850 GBP per week. The cottage sleeps 6 persons. 7-nights are the monimum stay. In addtion we can arrange a boat for you on Loch Hope and fishing for up to 2 rods on the river Polla at 1,500 GBP per week.

The Polla is a classic four rod spate river with 3 miles of double bank and 14 named pools. The average catch: 42 Salmon and 65 Sea Trout (averaging 2,6lb). The main season is July to September. (Source: Fisheries Management Scotland)



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Foulain Cottage is part of WildLand Ltd that offers you a portfolio of extraordinary and un-forgettable get-aways.

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The Foulain Cottage.

The Cottage is set on the shores of Loch Erribol with uninterrupted views of the shore and sea beyond. The cottage is surrounded by wild and rugged land and a spot to truly get away from it all reflect and contemplate.


The Cottage was built for the local shepherd and you can still see some of the stone sheep pens or ‘fank’ as us Highlanders would call it, next to the cottage. You might even get a visit from a few of the hardy north country cheviot sheep that come to eat the seaweed from the foreshore of the loch.

The Foulain cottage was completely renovated during 2017.

Our mantra for uopdating the house has been "less is more". That means the cottage works well. It's cosy as well as pratical which you will appreciate spending most of your time exploring outside.

It holds 3 double bed-rooms, a shared bathroom, a living room, with a cast iron fireplace. A well equiped kitchen and a utility room with wasching maschine.